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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 29, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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and they're having half price as well. >> get an or yellowstone eo ins. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm brett baier. the largest global coming vernv of jihadists in history. how the global task force describes the foreign fighters into circumstancia and iraq in recent months, the task force of republicans and democrats determine the u.s. a is losing the battle to stop american from traveling overseas to join isis. the reports finds in the last seven months, 6,000 have joined isis. thousands from europe and more than 250 are americans. house homeland security committee chairman said today that in his judgment, quote the
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danger to the homeland has never been greater. >> we've had over 30,000 foreign fighters from 100 different countries travel to what is called the caliphate. to fight. we've had 5,000 individuals with western passports. so that's of grave concern when it comes to visa waiver countries. we've had over 250 americans travel from the united states to the region, many of whom have returned to the united states. >> the shocking findings come as president obama chaired a united nations summit on countering violent extremism. where he said more needed to be done. the president is also trying to put a positive spin on his interactions with russian leader vladimir putin. and corresponding concern cork reports from new york on the increasingly difficult efforts
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to save face. >> on a morning when president obama had a rare meeting with cuban president rule castro it was rare cooperation with russia that set the tone for the day, mr. obama said last night's face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin gave the administration much needed clarity about the administration's efforts to fight isis. >> we're prepared to work with all countries including russia and iran, to find a political mechanism in which it is possible to begin a transition process. >> a process the president hopes will lead to the end of the brutal regime of syrian dictator bashar al assad. one of the white house has repeatedly called for his immediate ouster, british foreign secretary phillip hammond told me that a more measured approach with russia leading the way is the safer path forward. >> we would like to see assad gone as quick as possible. but the russians have to be involved in a sustainable solution in syria. they have a significant role on
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the ground. they have leverage over the regime which frankly the rest of us don't have. >> more leverage and more reason to prop up assad. syria and russia have military and economic ties dating back decades. so even as the rejeej jareem crumbles under the weight of war and millions of citizens flee, russia is promising to protect syria's embattled leader under the guise of fighting isis. >> russians have stated they're there not only to fight isil but they're there to support the assad regime and that is not very constructive. >> more troubling for the u.s.-led coalition is russia's intention to forge its own regional network to combat isis. the kremlin hoping to build partnerships with iran, iraq and syria. while reaching out to jordan and even saudi arabia which has longstanding ties to the u.s. this as "the wall street journal" reports the russians plan to fly reconnaissance missions over iraq and while some gop lawmakers have said the administration's strategy in syria opened the door for russia, the criticism isn't limited to the opposition party.
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former obama cabinet member and democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton said the obama strategy has failed. >> well we got to deal with where we are right now. it's obviously now a different set of circumstances and what the pentagon has been doing hasn't worked. >> and while isis maintains its grip in syria, afghan forces have been locked in a fierce battle with taliban insurgents in the city of kunduz. with u.s. airstrikes hammering taliban positions and clearing the way for government forces to attempt to reclaim the country's sixth largest city. and new tonight, brett, fox news can confirm that a top official at the pentagon responsibility for military relations with ukraine and russia is stepping down. evelyn farkas leaving after five years on the job, bad news for the dmimpbs. brett? >> kevin cork outside the united nations. just in the past few minutes from the pentagon, as well, news that the u.s. is pausing the
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effort to move new recruits, syrian rebels. from syria. saying they'll continue to provide support for the current forces on the ground and train, but they are pausing the effort, how long that lasts we don't know in this volatile situation on the ground. in syria. now, 20 the republican effort to defund planned parenthood. multiple congressional investigations have been launched. contributing to the resignation of the house speaker and set off a blaze of gop infighting. today raw emotions were on display as the eportion provider's leader and supporters were on the hot seat in front of a congressional committee. correspondent peter deucy shows us what happened. >> we're the best at women's health. >> now a fight over federal funding for planned parenthood could shut down the government. it started when videos surfaced showing affiliates how to profit
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from fetal tissue sales and today the ceo cecille richards swore under oath the clips are false. >> heavily doctored videos are offensive and categorically untrue. >> producers say the video was doctored to cut out trips to the bathroom. a forensic analysis ordered by a pro life group finds quote edits made to the full footage videos for the shorter youtube videos were applied to eliminate nonpertinent footage such as restroom breaks. this got lawmakers thinking how many women's health services do planned parenthood provide? >> how many planned parenthood clinics have mammogram machines? >> to the best of my knowledge, none have mammogram machines. >> my colleagues say there's no war on women. look at how you've been treated
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as a witness. >> and twice, republicans hinted at the reason half the committee went easy on ms. richards. >> in 2012, that election cycle, planned parenthood spent $12 million in advertising. fact, $11,874,052, 100% of that went to democrats. >> so congressman jordan has an idea, spread the nearly half a billion dollars planned parenthood gets from the government among 13,000 other centers that haven't been caught on compromising hidden camera video. >> take the money, from the guys doing the bad things, and give it to the ones who aren't. >> but richards says it's not that simple because 40% of their funds come from medicaid. >> we don't get a big check from the federal government. we're reimbursed for services delivered. >> she suggests that lawmakers wondering why planned parenthood revenues continue to rise should ask the president. >> because of the affordable
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care act and medicaid expansion there are more patients on medicaid that are coming to us for health care. >> this morning the majority leader kevin mccarthy said he wants to set up a select committee on planned parenthood like the one they've got on benghazi. so this hearing was just the first step on the fight that planned parenthood hadn't planned on. brett? >> thank you. this hour, speaking of the house leadership, that leadership is trying to come up with a plan not just for gop intermural politics, but concerning the politically perilous issue of making a stand with a possible government shutdown looming, chief congressional correspondent mike manuel is up on the hill with more. >> house republicans are meeting this hour to talk strategy, a new approach moving forward. and critical work to be done on issues such as funding government with a tomorrow deadline. >> the house continues to focus its attention on the american people's priorities.
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and whether it's protecting life, whether it's dealing with the problems of obamacare, or keeping the government open, we're here to do the people's work. >> several days after stunning the conference by announcing his resignation, speaker boehner shifted focus to what he would like to accomplish. he did not rule out increasing the government's borrowing authority before he leaves. >> it's a matter if there's a way to get things done. so if i don't burden my successor i may get it finished. >> the more immediate priority is keeping the government open with tomorrow the end of the fiscal year and some see the upcoming vote on a continuing resolution, a litmus test for future leaders. >> we want to make sure we're closer to the people. that they feel this is their government, they're in charge and we serve them. now that's not easy, and it won't change overnight. that's our mission. >> a key house republican says more needs to be done than j
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picking a new speaker. >> i think our leadership needs to be more provocative than aggressive in how we're explaining things, not letting vacuums happen where other things define us. but instead going out on the shows and doing all of those sorts of things that you need to do. the second thing is we need to make sure that we have a strategy to be playing offense with the administration. in other words, the asserting the article 1 power of congress. >> boehner said critics mccarthy a chance. >> a ground-up as opposed to top-down john boehner and eric cantor when he was here used to walk into a meeting and say here's the deal. kevin walks into a meeting and says what do you think? he's a very inclusive type of leader who does want to hear from all sides. >> to be fair to boehner, under his leadership, the house passed many conservative bills that went nowhere in the senate because 60 votes are required and there are only 54 republicans. so one challenge for mccarthy and his team if elected would be
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managing expectations. brett? >> mike emmanuel live on the hill. still ahead, breaking news that will not be welcome news for hillary clinton -- first year some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in atlanta, time is running out for the only woman on georgia's death row. attorneys for rene gisendaner have appeals pending, she was convicted of murder in the 1997 slaying of her husband. she's set to die at the top of the hour. a live look at las vegas. the big story there tonight, police are searching for the citizen who rushed to the aid of an officer shot in the hand. they released surveillance video. the suspect was captured. the good samaritan? left before he could be identified. that's tonight's live look. outside the beltway from special report, we'll be right back.
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another fox news alert. this evening breaking news on what could prove to be a major setback to hillary clinton's campaign. and possibly to the entire democratic party. chief washington correspondent james rosen is here with the story. >> when the general executive board of the teamster's union meets as it did today in south carolina, it does so behind closed doors. tonight however fox news has learned exclusively that the 26-member board decided unanimously to with hold a presidential endorsement at this time. union sources said the move was driven by three motivations. first, as an intentional snub to democratic front-runner, hillary clinton. who last week opposed construction of the keystone pipeline. second, the teamsters want to know if vice president biden will jump into the race and union executives told me they want to sit down with republican candidates, most notably front-runner donald trump who has collaborated with unionized workforces across his real estate career. >> it's a very significant
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development. not least because the teamsters is such a big powerful and wealthy union. you're talking about well over a million unionized workers, a lot of them in key states. sit one more piece of evidence that hillary clinton's effort to lock down the nomination have utterly failed. >> when teamster's general president was asked this year about the union's disagreements with the white house over keystone free trade and other issues. hoffa hinted at a possible return to the days when the teamsters supported the likes of richard nixon, ronald reagan and george hw bush. >> does that mean that the teamsters are going to be supporting the republicans? >> no, it means that we have positions that favor our members, we're worried about our members, not politics. >> one conservative activist predicted union workers will prove receptive to donald trump's candidacy. >> they believe in making america great again. they want somebody who is going to say i'm going to bring back
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those jobs from china and russia and mexico and i'm going to make american companies hire americans and bring those jobs back. >> late today perhaps in an effort to mend fences with the building trades, clinton's campaign confirms she supports the repeal of obamacare taxes on the so-called cadillac health care plans that are favored by many rank-and-file members. >> she hinted at that before official today. chris christie's iowa campaign is getting a major shot in the arm and the wallet. chief political correspondent carl cameron in des moines to explain what's being described by political analysts as a big and needed boost. for the new jersey governor's presidential bid. >> chris christie stepping up it in iowa. unveiling endorsementses of six power players. >> iowa is an extraordinarily important state for us. we intend to be here and compete
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hard for every vote we can in the caucuses. >> with governor scott walker quitting the race and rick perry out before that, several candidates see new opportunities in iowa including marco rubio, john kasich and bobby jindal. christie is in the low single digits, but dismisses the polls. >> i have no idea what's going to happen. neither do you or anybody else in the room. that's why we have campaigns. polls this early have been notoriously inaccurate. for what's going to ultimately happen. >> tomorrow, ohio governor john kasich visits iowa to play up his midwestern value and home state advantage in ohio, a crucial swing state. he worked the lunch crowd in chicago today, like most candidates has been furiously fundraising against tomorrow night's deadline. lack of cash is what forced walker and perry out. christie says candidates who focus on process and tactics lose for lack of policy proposals, a reference to walker
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and perry. >> my plan is to present my vision to the american people. and do the retail politics that are necessary to win this race. i'm not worried about the money. they tell me where to go, i raise the money i need to raise and i let them spend it i'm not one of these guys who runs my own campaign. it's like having a lawyer represent himself. he has an idiot for a client. >> jeb bush leads the field in fundraising, he was in pittsburgh unveiling his energy policy, lifting the ban on oil and gas exports. reforming energy regulations and letting states and tribes determine their own energy production, he contrasted his vision as hopeful. >> it means we'll have the lowest cost source of energy to outcompete anybody. i'm sick and tired of people thinking that the chinese are eating our lunch. we need to tear down the barriers so we can outcompete the chinese and anybody else and i know america can do it. >> carson, kasich, jindal and
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rubio will be in iowa this week. and all the candidates across the board, across the country are working on the fundraising deadline. when the ad wars start about a month from now. those who have low accounts could be among the next out. >> what about the early primary state's caucus state, under fire from the rnc? >> the chairman reince priebus suggested that the the republican national committee while have to look at the early carve-out states, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. the argument is that they've had a lock on the first primary and arguing that other states should have a shot. the early states object to that. it's a heck of a fight. it won't affect next february, but it could affect four years from now. >> carl cameron, thanks. why did the obama administration send military vehicles to the kurds fighting isis without protective armor?
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we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. president obama has come under criticism for a perceived lack of support from middle eastern forces fighting isis terrorists. tonight chief intelligence correspondent katherine herridge has another case in point. >> dozens of messages provided by the u.s. government to the kurdish allies have arrived without protective side armor and a state department official confirmed that it was not an accident. the panels are considered an upgrade and the technology cannot be exported. these photos were provided to fox news as evidence that the administration's strategy to support the anti-isis coalition is dangerous and falling short. the vehicles arrived last month in erbil, northern iraq without
3:25 pm
the side armor plates. isis has taken control of syrian weapons, including the russian-made rpg 29. this video reports to show its use on the battlefield, although fox cannot independently verify it. those working on the ground with the kurds say isis knows the vehicles are vulnerable. >> the rpg 29 is a tandem rocket dual war redd rockhead rocket. it's a stupid decision. because right in those m-raps with the amount of rpgs in-country is committing suicide. >> with a fully equipped version on the right. the defense and the state departments reviewed the photos and confirmed the m-raps were sent this way. any other types of vehicle side armor are not part of the m-rap standard con film ration and are not exportable.
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>> if we can't give them the high-tech plates, give them something else that make those vehicles usable and safe so that the risk that they take is reasonable. as they go into combat essentially for us. >> we have a responsibility if these people are going to be the boots on the ground, not just for themselves, but for us, to make sure they get what they need and we fail to do that. >> they were told the panels were not shipped because the u.s. government is concerned the technology could fall into iranian hands. >> katherine, thank you. the squabbling continues among european leaders over the refugee crisis, croatia is criticizing hungary's plan to build a fence between the two countries. 85,000 people have entered croatia in the last two weeks. with thousands more expected. meanwhile constant rain and generally worsening fall weather are making the situation worse. activists say more than a half
3:27 pm
million people have traveled by sea to reach europe this year. 3,000 have died in that attempt. as we reported earlier. president obama met with cuban leader raoul castro at the united nations. it was their second meeting this year. as they tried to normalize relations following decades of animosity. both sides are urging congress to lift an economic embargo, castro is calling for economic reparations from the u.s. and the return of land occupied by the naval base at guantanamo bay. concerning the base. the u.s. says that's not the plan. so far no reaction to the demand for reparations. the director of national intelligence says he is not optimistic that last week's understanding between president obama and his chinese counterpart about cybercrime will actually curb attacks from china. >> it would be incumbent on the intelligence community i think to depict portray to our policy
3:28 pm
makers what behavioral changes, if any, result from this agreement. >> are you optimistic? >> no. >> clapper says economic sanctions might be the best way to decrease china. the grapevine is next, we'll tell but why some lawmakers and lawyers apparently are not covered by the second amendment. heart health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement.
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otezla. show more of you. fresh pickings from the political grapevine. district attorney's office lawyers on long island not only do not get special treatment, they are prohibited from exercising a basic american right. owning a gun. not carrying it into court or using it. just owning one at home. the application for employment states quote assistant district attorneys are not permitted to apply for a handgun permit. nor own or possess a handgun while employed by the nassau county district attorney. the office says the policy is in place to insure the safety and comfort of staff, victims and witnesses, one law professor takes issue with the restriction. adding quote prosecutors may have special reason to defend
3:33 pm
themselves. the second amendment restricts the government's ability to ban handguns. the health republic in new york is closing its doors. it now becomes the sixth marketplace to fail, since the $2.4 billion program was launched in 2011. the ceo blames the structure of the co-op system saying the challenges were to different to overcome. insurance plans continue through the end of the year. the federal government gave the start-up $265 million in 2012 and another $91 million last year. new york system may not be the last to go, quote if a co-op has solvency issues and we cannot rule out that others may this year, we will work with the states so that consumers have affordable options. finally, a dumb criminal alert. a thief stole a lottery ticket dispenser from a florida liquor store at around 1:00 a.m. on september 15th. later that same morning that man
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tried to cash one of the stolen tickets at the same store. the tickets had been voided and flagged as stolen. richard morgan was arrested on site and faces multiple charges, including burglary and resisting arrest. a day after nasa revealed there's liquid water on mars we look at the suddenly booming business of space. phil keating reports from kennedy space center after down years, things are now looking up. >> this is rocket science in action. >> the making of boeing's new starliner space capsule from scratch. in it four nauts will be able to taxi up to the space station, re-enter the atmosphere and parachute back to dry land. happening inside an old space shuttle hanger at kennedy space center. >> there's a lot of new construction all over the kennedy space center. i see bob cabana smiling for the first time in three years this is great. we have better mojo. >> bob cabana is kennedy space
3:35 pm
center director. he experienced the gloom as the space shuttle program retired and florida's historic space coast. an economy built on the space race lost about 8,000 space jobs and a sense of purpose. but today excitement is surging again. amazon's jeff bezos planted his company's flag this month promising like blue origin will build the capsule and launch passengers to space within a few years, while delivering hundreds of well-paying jobs, by 2020, spacex, boeing and united launch alliance should be launching people and cargo from the cape and further down the road, nasa's orion capsule could send people to mars. the space coast economic development commission said it's lured 7,000 jobs since the loss of the space shuttle. >> they shop, they buy cars, they buy houses, you see it happens as we speak. literally this phenomena is
3:36 pm
taking place around us. it's helping us as a nation be more competitively globally. >> nasa has contracted with boeing and space kpchb to launch our astronauts and replace having to rely on the russians, by the year 2017. brett. >>. phil, thank you. stocks closed today mixed. the dow gained 47. the s&p 500 was up 2. the nasdaq lost 27. a blistering report on the obama administration's failure to keep americans from joining isis. we'll discuss all the foreign policy today. with the panel, comrie. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ know when to run. ♪ you never count your money, ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it?
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that we are losing in the struggle. to keep americans from the battlefield. because many are still going to the region and coming back. and i think most importantly that we lack a national strategy to deal with this problem. >> bipartisan tank force with a new report on foreign fighters, calling the flow of foreign fight nears syria and iraq the largest global convergence of jihadists in history. finds that some 7,000 have been added in just the past few months alone. most from the middle east and north africa, but thousands from europe and some 250 american who is have come back to the u.s. and in some way, shape or form. let's bring in our panel. joki dreesen, managing editor of foreign policy and mara liason of npr. the report is stunning if you take the big broad look at how
3:41 pm
big this threat is. >> it's huge. it's growing, it's unique, it's never happened when you compare it to the al qaeda presence in afghanistan. this is, it is historically unprecedented. but what's also unprecedented is the utter passivity of the united states. the real story this week is what happened at the u.n., where putin essentially stepped in and took over syria. he's now the leader. we had said two weeks ago i think it was the, the secretary of state, who said that the build-up of the russians in syria was doomed to fail. two weeks later we have not only accepted it. we welcome it as a fight against isis. and we succeed essentially that assad will say under the protection of the russians and the irony is that the russians aren't in there to fight isis. the russians are in there to support assad, establish their predominance in the region to bring in iran and to establish military facilities.
3:42 pm
they have no interest in fighting assad. the russians launched a half a dozen drones earlier this week. over western hamas and over latakia. in not one of those areas is a single isis fighter. this isn't about the russians taking on isis. this is about the russians taking over syria and keeping assad as a client in place. that's what happened even as the administration sputters because it has no idea what to do. >> it's important to point out in this report in the homeland security committee that bipartisan, democrats and republicans signed on to this thing. >> not only are hundreds of americans going over there. they're coming back. we're not stopping them from going and we're not identifying them and picking them up when they come back. it's amazing that we haven't had more incidents in the united states from people who have gone over and come back as there have been in europe. this is is a problem, it's a growing threat and both parties see that it is and they have to devise a strategy to stop it because we don't have one.
3:43 pm
>> loki, it's not just bipartisan but the white house admits to these numbers, they're saying there are now 30,000 foreign fighters in syria and in iraq, much more than they said last year. they said about 15,000 to 20,000, they're acknowledging an increase. the scariest part of this is not the number flowing or the number coming back. they can radicalize here. a lot of attacks taken place in europe weren't people who weren't trained in military tactics and came back, they got radicalized over the internet and radicalized in the mosques and schools they went to. this isn't just people who go train and come back, this is people who never leave their house. >> i want to play the sound byte about hillary clinton talking about syria policy in the obama administration. >> this is a failure in policy, isn't it? >> it is. as we look back, peemt who were fighting assad, the people fighting assad were business people, they were students, they were professionals. if we had been able to move in to help organize and support
3:44 pm
those people on the ground, maybe we could have made a difference. well we got a deal with where we are right now. it's obviously now a different set of circumstances. and what the pentagon has been doing hasn't worked. >> and she said yoki, she had a hard time with the question of how she differs from president obama. but in this way, she's trying to separate saying she was for arming and training and getting supplies to rebels in syria early on. >> that's right. i think she'll be faced with the difficulty of defending obama policies up and down the board. on this one she can say accurately she did not want to go with the president. general petraeus when he was running the c.i.a. leon panetta all of them said arm the syrian rebels and the president overruled his war cabinet. she can say i was here, the president overruled me and she's telling the truth. >> a failure of policy, to hear the former secretary of state say that. >> i can't think of a bigger
3:45 pm
split between her and president obama on foreign policy. this is a huge amount of daylight. she's being modest about it. but you know if only they had listened to me. in other words things might have been different if we had moved early there were many republicans who wanted to do that, too, lindsay graham and john mccain were for this she's saying things would have been different if my policy recommendations were followed. she's going to answer why she couldn't convince the president, what good were you if you couldn't get him to do this. but this is a big, big difference. >> she is right and the president wakes up three years after her advice, and announces it's now almost exactly a year ago. that he's now going to lead a 62-member coalition against isis. remember the mistakes he made in launching of the airstrikes. 62 nations have produced an army of nine. that's unique i think in the history of warfare. it was so humiliating that that was the moment that putin chose, after the announcement of the complete failure of our policy
3:46 pm
of arming very late, training very late a minuscule number of nonjihadi fighters. that's when putin could step in because the world could see how the policy had failed. clinton is right, her advice was right, it was ignored. we can see the consequences. >> we should point out all of this come, the president shared this summit on countering violent extremism as the in afghanistan has taken over another city. isis is expanding in iraq and syria the taliban is back on the move. >> and for a while they were taking over parts of the south. which is scary enough. now they're taking kunduz. i've been there, it's a large major city they're expanding in the south, the east, the north, the wecht. there's not much of the country in which they're not expanding. for a while the white house was saying you will not see afghan cities fall. this won't be iraq. now you're seeing afghan cities fall and it's taking on the feel of iraq. >> what's so scary about the fall of this city in the north we've always known that the
3:47 pm
heart of the taliban, their tribal supporters, the pashtun in the south. but the north had always been fairly anti-taliban area. in fact when we invaded in 2001, our allies were the northern alliance. they were already on our side. so this is a really extraordinary development. and the irony of having obama preside over a summit about violent extremism as the important city in afghanistan, is hysteria policy. falls. obama loves meetings, talks, coalitions in the meantime all of our allies in the region are on the run. >> next up, planned parenthood on the hot seat in congress.
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miss richards, if the videos were selectively ed difficultied. heavily edited. if this was all entrapment. why did you apologize. >> that she used, i think, in my judgment, it was bad judgment to have a clinical discussion in a nonclinical setting. >> why did you say that it -- this wasn't a reporter sticking a a mike in front of your face. this is a video you produced to send out to the whole world. >> we may just have to agree to disagree. >> why did you say that. >> we may just have to agree to disagree. >> i don't think we are agreeing to disagree. i don't think you are answering my question. >> this seems to me that the apology you offered was like what some criminals do, they are not really sorry for what they have done. they are sorry they got caught. it assumes to me that your apology is more because you got caught on these videos. >> well, planned parenthood
3:52 pm
ceo is i sill richards up on capitol hill. a lot of questioning that was heated like that. this as a possible government shutdown still looms up on capitol hill. over the federal funding of planned parenthood after those videos were released. we're back with the panel. marah, what about this back forth? >> i think the republicans made their points. i think is i sill richards held their own. she is daughter of ann richards former texas governor for historical back ground interest. both parties feel they have a pretty good issue here. democrats feel pretty confident and planned parenthood supporters feel very confident their funding is not going to be cut. they have polling shows american people by big majority wants to stay funding for planned parenthood. republicans have a great issue for their base. the videos were horrifying to many conservings. they are able to go and berate cc richards today and that's what they did. >> right after that first video came out, they did do
3:53 pm
this polished apology video that now they seem to be stepping back. >> that's confusing to me. they have a public relations problem. they feel the video was doctored and the woman did something wrong she shouldn't have had that conversation in the way she did. you have to stick either you are sticking to your guns or apologizing. i think that was a little confusing. >> let's listen to a few politicians talking about the government shutdown and the implications of it? >> how is it you might wonder that a preemptive surrender is put in place? did all begins with the relatively innocuous statement there shall be no shutdowns. >> we are hoping that our republican colleagues will decide not to go that same course of shutting down the government and that we will have a long-term budget that really does meet the needs of the american people. >> i'm not arguing in favor of shutting down the government. what i'm arguing in favor of is letting the spending
3:54 pm
expire. it could expire for a minute and then in the second minute you could reappropriate the money in the normal fashion. >> it doesn't seem like we are going to get to that point. >> it seems like speaker boehner and republicans in the senate have lined this up. >> this may be the sort of the last with john boehner he will come out as a came in establishment moderate republican willing willing to buck his base and fake the flack. who will not shut the government down. it's striking to me, comparing this segment to the last one we just had about isis. just imagine how much the rest of the world looks at us right now. we have a losing war against isis in iraq. losing war isis is and syria. our government may shutdown over planned parenthood. the contrast between the stakes of shutting down the government over a partisan cultural issue when we are losing in two wars. perhaps losing in a third, it's really just -- opening to me. >> charles? >> it's a partisan cultural issue that is unique in the sense that 40 years ago it was taken out of the political arena.
3:55 pm
the reason we are having all these fights, which are all essentially side shows, because aren't allowed to overturn under the supreme court ruling on abortion. it is a right. it's supposed to be in the constitution. so what we have are sort of debates about side issues as a way to get at abortion. which is the tragedy. normally you would have a real debate over should we have abortion, when it should be allowed. state by state. and you would have some kind of stable settlement. >> this doesn't have to dual with federal funding. federal funding going to planned parenthood that is an abortion pro vird and in these videos opened the eyes of some people saying what they are alleged to be doing. let's understanding ultimately it's not the funding that's offensive it's the procedure. if we hadn't had a supreme court ruling that doesn't allow you to change the ruling and what we're arguing about is whether you have federal funding or not. look, it's a symbolic issue.
3:56 pm
and all abortion arguments today are essentially symbolic because you cannot argue about whether you are allowed to ban abortion and at what point in gestation be allowed to do it. and but i -- let me just add one more thing. there will not be a shutdown over. this. >> period? >> period. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned to find out the glaring difference between house speaker john boehner and majority leader kevin mccarthy.
3:57 pm
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this is a fox news alert. tonight, "on the record." the threat of isis is growing and just what you feared, america is losing that battle. a brand new report from the house homeland security committee showing the united states is failing to stop american fighters from fleeing to syria to join isis and wage violent jihad. a shocking 250 americans have tried to join isis but even more alarming, only 28 have been stopped before they leave the united states. committee chair congressman michael mccaul warning of this dangerous situation. the findings indicate that number one the threat is getting worse, not better. that we are losing in this struggle. to keep americans from the battlefield because many are still going t